Developing Software for the Nios II Processor

Course Description

In this class, you will learn to develop and run embedded software for the Nios® II processor using the Nios II Embedded Development Suite. This course utilizes one of the Nios II Development Kits so that you can download, run, and debug your code on an Altera FPGA configured with a Nios processor. You will participate in discussions about the features and capabilities of the software tools. After taking this course, you should feel confident tackling your next embedded programming project.

At Course Completion

You will be able to:

  • Create software project from hardware deliverables
  • Manage software projects using the Nios II Software Build Tools for Eclipse
  • Download, run, & debug software on a board
  • Access Nios II peripherals from C
  • Create interrupt-driven C code
  • Reduce code size
  • Access custom instruction hardware from C

Skills Required

  • Some knowledge of programming in C, especially for embedded systems
  • Basic understanding of hardware design in FPGAs
  • Completion of the "Designing with the Nios II Processor" course is optional but recommended

Follow-on Courses

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