The Quartus Software Debug Tools

Course Description

As FPGA designs become more complex, a larger part of development time is spent verifying designs. This course introduces the various debug tools included in the Quartus® Prime software v. 16.1 & shows effective ways to debug an FPGA design, decreasing overall design development time. The class discusses various debugging tools: the SignalTap® II embedded logic analyzer (ELA), SignalProbe, In-System Sources & Probes, the Logic Analyzer Interface, System Console, Chip Planner and others. The focus is on the SignalTap II ELA, including hands-on lab exercises utilizing the tools on real designs.

At Course Completion

You will be able to:

  • Debug designs in-system using the SignalTap II embedded logic analyzer
  • Quickly route internal nodes to unused I/O pins without performing a full recompilation using SignalProbe incremental routing
  • View & edit embedded memory contents using In-System Memory Content Editor
  • View compilation results & make incremental design changes with Chip Planner
  • Connect internal debug nodes to an external logic analyzer using Logic Analyzer Interface
  • Debug a Qsys system using System Console

Skills Required

  • Completion of "The Quartus Software Design Series: Foundation" course OR a working knowledge of the Quartus software


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